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Crossroads Pest Control in Victoria, Texas has been tackling these creatures for over 25 years with proven success.

If you have insect or rodent problems in the Victoria Texas Crossroads area, We have solutions. Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Scorpions, Rats and Mice are the most common invaders. Africanized Bees can be a problem at times. Termites are always a concern. The warm, humid climate of the Crossroads Area is a very conductive to the survival of these creatures.

  • Remember: "One Call Does It All"

Victoria Texas Pest Control Services

We offer Commercial and Residential pest control service. Services can be performed on a per-service call or on an annual service agreement with quarterly services scheduled and performed in a timely professional manner.

The first time we visit your location, treatment will be very intensive. The quarterly service following the initial visit will be of a maintenance nature. Our initial effort is to get the bugs out-- then we want to keep them out!

Each time we visit your location we will treat the interior as well as the outside perimeter providing a 5 foot barrier around your location.

Through out the years Crossroads Pest Control has collected many insects from the local area. Our "bug collection" is always of interest to folks and we are always seeking to expand it. If you encounter a strange creature bring it into our office for identification. Correct identification is extremely important to successful pest control. For more bug information click here and here.

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